This is our ordering tips for you

  • Delivery is scheduled for +2 or +3 working days based on the date stated at Purchase Order.
  • Please state clearly when cables is due to your project site.
  • Lead Time for manufactured cables is 30 days but we recommend 45 days to 60 days-schedule just to be safe. The Factory sometimes failed to comply because of machinery problem therefor we could not deliver on time promised.

  • Fax it or email to us, but be sure to notify our Sales Person or Administration Officer once delivered.
  • Kindly sent your Purchase Order before 12 pm to delivery in urgent case.
  • Specify Person in Charge of receiving goods purchased at the project site and the mobile phone number to coordinate.

  • PT Noxindo Cakrawala is able to supply your cutting length cable needs.
  • Consult our sales person for your cutting length before ordering.
  • Important Note* Sometimes in 625 Meters we might have stock 300 + 325 and we need to know whether you could use it on project site.
  • Important Note* In big cables, length 625 meter means 500 + 125 Meters. Some big sized cables has 500 meters standard packing length for a drum.

Cable Knowledge

  • We use the meter (M) as unit of measurement in quotation.
  • To measure the size of cables we use milimeter square (mm2) unless the AWG cables.
  • NYY is Multi Core.
  • NYA and NYAF is always Single Core and beware of Yellow Green stripes or full Green color on the Jacket.
  • NYM cable comes with 2 standard packing: @100 Meters in wrapped coils and 1000 Meters in wooden drum or plastic drum. 
  • Belden cables are shipped in 305 Meters (304,8 m) or 1000 Feet. Note that this is all AWG size.
  • Big Cables packed in 500 Meters (Such as 4 x 120 or 4 x 185) also in wooden drum.
  • Multi core cables use color coding. Please ask your engineering for any specified color in project refference.
  • Attention to your Engineer's remark for RM or RE code (RM=Stranded / RE=Solid). For example: NYY 3x2,5 RM different with NYY 3x2,5 RE.