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TACSR/AS (Aluminium Clad Steel Core Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy)

The conductor are applied for overhead power transmission purposes, medium tension overhead systems and distribution networks

Seven or more copper wires the same nominal diameter are twisted together in concentric layers.
When conductor consists of more than one layer, alternate layers are twisted in opposite directions which is defined as right-hand lay (Z) or left-hand lay (S)

TACSR/AS (Aluminium Clad Steel Core Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy )
The conductor shall be constructed of thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy wires (TAL wires) and stranded seven aluminium clad steel wires (AS wires) as a core, together built up in concentric layers. The tensile strength of TAL wire after heating 230º C for one hour shall be more 90% than the value before heating and the conductivity is more 60% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). The conductivity of AS wire is 20.3% - 23.0% IACS